School Packages

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We love schools. The joy that kids have and the huge energy they bring to camp seems new and refreshing no matter how many or how often busses pull up in our parking area. We also acknowledge that the kids see it as their job to push boundaries so, as much as possible, we try to structure our business with an eye on risk minimisation without drawing back on the opportunity for people to practice being responsible in a safe and sometimes challenging environment. Your stay commences always with a welcome and briefing. Our comprehensive briefing notes are attached here for your reference.

Sometimes the worst case scenario can be real. At Feathertop we encourage schools to take a moment to flick through the document that we base our emergency management approach for schools and Institutional groups. All teachers should be aware of our Emergency Evacuation Plans. Copies of which are provided around the lodges for reference on site.

We are also aware of the vulnerability of our groups as being an extra consideration of teachers and group coordinators. It may be useful for you to have a look through our Client Protection Policy to see how Feathertop Chalet approaches our relationship with the individuals in our care during their stay.

If you are thinking, as we all do, about the sort of activities that your kids can engage with and how we manage their interaction and immersion in the beauty and wilderness of our region please chat with us directly and we can provide you with individual risk assessments, lesson plans and guides to all of the activities we offer you during your stay with us.

pdf Click to download the "Feathertop Chalet Arrival Briefing" (480 KB)
pdf Click to download "Managing School Emergencies" (709 KB)
pdf Click to download the "Emergency Evacuation Plan" (92 KB)
pdf Click to download the "Feathertop Chalet Client Protection Policy" (537 KB)